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Tomato pill' dietary supplement producer CamNutra meets £800k fundraising target

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Tomato pill' dietary supplement producer CamNutra meets £800k fundraising target

THE company behind a popular dietary supplement known as "the tomato pill" has exceded an £800,000 fundraising target in less than a week.

CamNutra makes a range of natural products called Aternon that promote prostate health, sports recovery and muscle well-being. The range contains lycopene, a natural antioxidant that also gives tomatoes their colour.

It has been holding a crowd-funding campaign on Cambridge-based platform SyndicateRoom to raise cash to develop a new pipeline of products.

The campaign closes on Thursday and the amount of money pledged already stands at £886,000.

Tim Dye, executive chairman of CamNutra, said: "We're delighted and surprised at the speed with which people decided to make an investment in our business.

"It's particularly pleasing that so many existing Ateronon customers have participated. The funds will be put to good use for more clinical trial work to support some of the new products which we have in the pipeline, and to expand our marketing activity."

The efficiency of the Ateronon products has been proved in studies from Cambridge University and the Olympic Research Centre in Barcelona. CamNutra sells to subscription customers through its own website, as well as through major UK retailers such as Holland & Barrett and Boots. It also has a range of international distributors.

"CamNutra is dedicated to providing natural healthcare products which can help people live longer, more active and healthier lives," said Dye.

"We specialise in making natural ingredients even more effective, especially by making them highly bioavailable, or absorbable by the body and our products have proprietary intellectual property and clinically proven benefits. We're a lean organisation, focused on marketing and product development."

Cambridge business angel and founder of Abcam, Dr Jonathan Milner, is backing the funding round.

He said: "For me, the key differentiator of CamNutra's products is that, unlike many natural healthcare products, they are proven to be bioavailable – in other words, they are easily absorbed into the body where they can do good."

CamNutra has offices in Cambridge and Birmingham.

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