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Tomato pill can beat heart disease

Daily Mail

By Jenny Hope

A daily pill to prevent heart disease and stroke has been developed from a chemical found in tangerine tomatoes.

Lycopene - which makes tomatoes red - helps prevent the ' furring up' of arteries and has long been recognised for its health benefits.

However, previous attempts to develop it as a supplement have been hampered by difficulties in getting the body to absorb it.

Now scientists say they have overcome the problem by using an extra-potent form of lycopene extracted from a variety of tomatoes called tangerine, which are grown in Italy.

The 7mg pill called ATERONON™ is being launched in London today at an international meeting of cardiology specialists.

Clinical studies show it reduced damaging changes to 'bad' cholesterol by more than 90 per cent within two months.

If untreated, this cholesterol can lead to atherosclerosis --narrowing of the arteries - and heart attacks and stroke.

Peter Kirkpatrick, a consultant neurovascular surgeon who led the British study of the pill, said: 'The evidence of the benefits of lycopene in the Mediterranean diet cannot be ignored.

'The science behind it is much more worked out than it is for other dietary supplements.

But ATERONON™ holds out the promise of being much more effective, and it is a natural product so we don't have to worry about the trial harming people.'

Further trials of the supplement, which was developed by Cambridge Theranostics, will be conducted at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge and at Harvard Medical School in the U.S.

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