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Customer reviews

I am delighted with Ateronon, it is a part of my daily life and I highly recommend it to anyone that cares about their health - Stuart M, Bristol
I have been taking ateronon for at least 5 years due to high blood pressure and problems with high cholesterol. I get no side effects from Ateronon – David A, London.
I believe in the potential of the product. I therefore take it as part of an overall approach to adopt a healthy lifestyle and diet – Bryan T, Australia
I combine Ateronon with my medication and I am extremely happy with the results. I plan to keep Ateronon as part of my regular routine. Thanks so much for your product - Dewaine D, California
I started taking Ateronon in January 2013, and progressively felt more energy to do things I had in the past asked others to do for me like clean off and polish a 52ft boat. I put it down to Ateronon!! - Colin G, Kent
I am intolerant of statins and have been unable to take them. I have taken Ateronon since 2008 and am of opinion they have helped me a lot – Ian H, Wales
After reading various articles in the press and magazines I researched your company on the Internet and found Ateronon. I have now, with the blessing of my GP, taken Ateronon for three months. May you go from strength to strength – Amy J, UK
I have been taking Ateronon for 3 months, and now feel much better within myself- Marc P, Belgium
After 11 weeks of Ateronon, I am really happy with the results! – Mikael P, Sweden
I would highly recommend taking Ateronon especially to remain fit and healthy as you get older – anon
After taking Ateronon I feel better. I think it works. Keep up the good work – anon
I live in Cyprus, so already benefit from med diet, but your product is the only one that gets the lycopene properly absorbed. This product has great potential – anon
I would like to keep healthy in old age and hope that Ateronon would play a big part in that. I am 66 years old and don't take medication and hope to keep it that way – anon
Nothing beats reputable clinical research studies such as those testifying to the benefits of Ateronon – anon
Great stuff! Let me know if you develop new products – anon

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